Product development


Achieving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability requires not only the adoption of a green approach by both the builder and the client, but also innovative and environmentally-friendly products.Green2050, a cooperation project on environmental sustainability of Balti Vara Ehitus, works towards the aim of achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. To reach this target, we cooperate with enterprises that provide the best solutions in the construction sector for protecting the environment.

Pakume teie ehitusprojektile parima kvaliteediga aknaid:

  • Windows comply with the ISO quality standards on environmental issues;
  • Have excellent thermal insulation parameters
  • Have good acoustic insulation parameters that ensure convenient acoustic conditions also in congested areas
  • Are offered in a wide range of different veneer colours for various interior design styles

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The product development initiative of Balti Vara Ehitus is aimed at creating environmentally-friendly and efficient energy solutions for our clients.