Development projects

Building out attic spaces

One way to prolong the service life and improve the energy efficiency and indoor climate of the apartment building is reconstruction by building out the attic space.

By rebuilding the empty attic space into apartments, the energy costs of the building are decreased, and the administration and utility costs are divided between a larger number of residents. When building out the attic space, we use a single-stage and integrated process to reconstruct your building. In addition to increased energy efficiency, reconstruction results in a longer service time, better ventilation and improved indoor climate of the building, reduced heating costs, and a higher general value of the property.

For building out the attic space, Balti Vara Ehitus ensures the quality of construction and competent process management from the design idea to the issue of the use and occupancy permit.

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Development of energy efficient residential buildings

Balti Vara Ehitus uses its experience in energy renovation of buildings also in housing development. At the beginning of 2020, a cosy and energy efficient apartment building was completed in the Fortuuna quarter in Tartu.

Application of the principles of circular economy

While planning, designing and constructing a new or reconstructed building, we carefully consider its life cycle. The construction process and built objects are energy efficient and sustainable, and the management of the building is cost-effective.

Taking into account the life cycle of a building encompasses, among other factors, the procurement of raw materials to be used, manufacture of construction products, transportation of materials, construction, use, demolishing, and recovery of waste. In calculating the environmental impact of the building, we take the carbon footprint of used materials as a basis.